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Swordfish, strawberry carpaccio and pistachio pesto.


o Salt

o Sichuan pepper

o Pistachio oil

o Basil

o Strawberries

Raw pistachios

o A slice of swordfish


o Prepare the pesto by grinding pistachios, pistachio oil, basil leaves, and possibly garlic and parmesan.

o Adjust seasoning. Put in a pot. Heat the grill.

o Place the slice of swordfish on it.

o Once the swordfish is cooked, keep warm.

o Cut strawberries into thin slices. Arrange on a baking cloth.

o Bake at 150 ° C for several minutes.

o Gently pour the strawberries square or rectangle lightly cooked on the platter.

o Sprinkle Szechuan pepper to enhance the taste.

o Place the slice of swordfish on the top. 

o Add a strip of pesto and some crushed pistachios.


You can add 1 or 2 basil leaves on the plate.