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Pomona TerreAzur


Fruits & Légumes de ma Région - Fruit & Vegetables from my Area

Purchases from 1350 selected local producers.
Cooperatives account for over 50% of the marketing of fruit and vegetables in France.
We signed an exclusive quality label with Agriconfiance, and we work everyday with 53 cooperatives.
100% Saveur - 100% Flavour
Fresh fruit, top quality, and from environmentally friendly productions.

A rate of sugar guaranteed, best varieties, suitable soils.

An optimized delay between harvest the consumer.
Many tests and trials carried out in the warehouse.
100% Croq' Tendre - 100% Tender Crunch
Fresh and crunchy vegetables, tender all year long, and from environmentally friendly productions.

Best varieties, suitable .
Products harvested at their optimum maturity stage, in the heart of the production.
Rapid cooling and postharvest mastered (cold or misted vacum cooler) and maintained a cold chain, from production to delivery.
Certified and audited producers according to our Quality Environment Charter.

A range of fruit and vegetables ready for use and ready to cook, adapted to the expectations of restaurants.
They are practical and flexible, cost controling thanks to portioning, and time saving in the kitchen.
The Savalia products are preservative-free guaranteed, to keep the taste, flavor and nutritional qualities of fresh products.
 100% Flots Délice - 100% Delight Wave
Fresh seafood with a quality guaranteed throughout the year.
Every day, our products experts select the freshest ranges of products, according to a rigorous and strict quality charter
These products undergo regular tests, and approved following a strict national procedure.
id Pratic - Practic Idea
A range of products selected to optimize their possibilities.
Minimum waste, easy to implement, all with the freshness and quality guaranteed by TerreAzur.

In this product line, we have thus developed microwaveable potatoes, Feuillégale® salad, tomato Pulpa®, bananas portion ...