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Old style frozen fruits


For 30 portions : 

o 3 oranges with no pip

o  500g of sugar

o  15 cl of water

o  Paper cups


Preparation : 60 minutes

Cooking : 30 minutes

o  Peel the oranges carefully. Separate quarters and get rid of all their white filaments without damaging the delicate skin around them.

o Let them dry for five minutes on each side, in the oven at fifty degrees.

o Meanwhile, prepare a syrup “grand cassé” : put the sugar in a saucepan. Moisten with water and let it on the fire until the sugar has an oily colour on the edges. If you take a little of the mix and you put it into cold water, it has to become hard. Remove from the heat immediately.

o Put each orange on a thoothpick and dip it in the saucepan before placing it on a lightly oiled plate or baking paper.

o Once cold, put each Old Style Frozen Fruit in a cup.


o Choose slightly acid oranges, it will increase the subtle contrast between the sweet and crunchy cover. 

o Once your syrup ready, act quickly to dip quarters.

o Most chefs are doing their syrup in copper pots, where the heat spreads evenly. They also stop the cooking of the syrup by adding a drop of cold water.