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Golden apple Pie


- shortcrust
- 6 Golden Apples
- 1 sachet of vanilla sugar
- 30 g of butter.


Peel and cut into pieces 4 Golden apples.
Make sauce: Place in a saucepan with a little water. (1 cup or 2). Stir well.
When the apples begin to soften, add a bag or sachet vanilla sugar and a half.
Add a little water if necessary.

While the sauce cooks, peel and cut into four the last two apples, then cut the quarters into thin slices (they used to be asked about the sauce).

You will know if the sauce is ready when the apples will not be hard at all. It does not matter if there are a few pieces.

Cool slightly compote and spread the pastry into a mold and prick with a fork.

Pour the sauce over the dough and place the slices of apples forming a spiral or more circles to choose from! Arrange slices of butter on it.

Place in the oven (Th 7) preheated, and cook for 30 minutes max. Monitor the cooking. You can add a little vanilla sugar on the pie.


To lightly brown your apple pie, spread the top with egg yolk with a food brush, and gently sprinkle a teaspoon of brown sugar or brown sugar.