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Excellence oyster Supreme, cucumber and potatoe


For 10 guests :
- 30 oysters
- 250g of potatoes
- 50 cl of single cream
- 3 concombres (petits ou Noa)
- 50g d’œufs de saumon
- Filaments de safran


Make a potatoe puree.
Heat the cream, let the saffron brew, and then filter.
Clean the cucumber, and cut thin slices, almost transparent.
Open the oysers, drain them but keep the sea water in a bowl.
Roll the fish in the cucumber, like a spring roll, and press gently.
Adjust the consistency of the puree, by addinf some saffron cream, and a bit of sea water. Adjust the taste as well.
Put it in a siphon.
Have the shell in the oven to heat them.
Fill the shell with the puree.
Serve the whole.


You can decorate with salmon eggs.