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Know your product

White bread : White Bread is quite sweet. It’s made from flour, salt, water and sugar. It’s tasty and has a soft crust.

Rye bread : Rye Bread is a special bread made from rye flour. Also called "Black Bread", it was first baked in Denmark. It is rich in soluble fibers and has a high nutritional value.

Burger bread : The Burger was created in the German city of Hamburg, initially with roasted pork. German sailors imported it to the United States of America where it quickly became a huge success, especially those with minced meat.

Hot-Dog bread : The Hot Dog was created in Germany in the 19th century. In the beginning, it was considered a poor dish because it was prepared so fast. Now, even the greatest restaurants serve it.

Panini bread : Panini is a delicious warm and grilled sandwich. It was first made in Italy in the early 20th century. Offered with different fillings, it has become a popular feature on our plates. To serve an excellent Panini, the bread must be of the highest quality.

Swedish bread : As its name suggests it, Swedish Bread comes from Scandinavia, and more specifically Lapland. It’s a flat bread made of rye and wheat flour, and used as the basis for sandwiches. It’s rich in nutrients, and is especially tasty.

Blini : Blini, a thick galette was originally associated with rituals and religious celebrations in Slavic countries performed thousands of years ago. It symbolized the sun and was cooked at the end of the winter to honor the rebirth of seeing our star.

Toast & Canapé : Toast is rectangular and Canapés are round. They are small slices of bread, harder than the usual slices. They are specially made to be eaten lightly toasted or not, with slices of salmon, Foie-gras, caviar and other luxury foods.

Poilâne bread : Poilâne Bread is one of the most natural breads, since it is made with only 4 ingredients: wheat flour ground by the millstone, sea salt, leaven and water. It’s a round bread with a thick crust, cooked over a wood fire.

Naan bread : Naan is a flat bread made from wheat flour; it comes from India where it is commonly eaten. It is traditionally cooked in the oven called a tandoor. Soft and dry, it has an exceptional flavor.

Kebab bread : “Kebab” comes from the Persian word meaning "grilled." Today, the Kebab is commonly known as a sandwich stuffed with grilled meat from the spit and cut into strips.

Pita bread : Pita Bread is thin and round; it is mainly used in Asian cuisine but also throughout the Mediterranean too. Desert nomads invented it by cooking a fine paste between hot stones.

Sandwich Wrap Bread :  Wrap Sandwich is made with a thin pancake wrapped with a filling inside. Lighter and more original than traditional sandwiches, wraps have been growing in popularity for several years now.

Lebanese bread : Lebanese Bread is made of wheat flour. It is baked at a very high temperature so that an inner air pocket appears when the dough rises. In some oriental countries, including Lebanon, it is served as a basic accompaniment to any meal.

How to buy

Make sure that the packaging of your Bread is closed and intact, and that the Bread inside is in good condition and not crushed.

how to keep

Once opened, close your Bread pack using a clip to keep the freshness and softness of your Bread. Keep it in a dry place and at room temperature for 2–3 days.


To maximize on freshness and the softness of your Bread, place a piece of celery in its bag.




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