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Know your product

Soup & Stock : For years and in many countries, people used to serve a Soup every single day. There are indeed many benefits for doing so: it’s quick to prepare and easy to consume, very nutritional, warm and invigorating. Our Soups are made from fresh or cooked products, and seasoned optimally to offer a great taste. We mainly sell Soups in liquid or powder forms: - Vegetable Soups - Beef Stock cube - Pot-au-feu Stock cube - Chicken Stock cub - Chinese Soup - Onion Soup - Breton Fish Soup - Crab Soup - Perard Fish Soup - Gazpacho.

Flour : Flour comes from crushing and grounding grain, and it is used to make breads, pastas, pastries or is used in dishes. Among them, Straight Grade Flour is the most popular. Chickpea Flour is widely used in India or Algeria to cook some traditional dishes. Corn Flour is used especially in Central America to make cakes or other dishes. Rye Flour is increasingly used in Western countries to cook dishes made with cereals. And Wheat Semolina is related to flour, and is widely used in some Asian dishes, especially Couscous or Tabbouleh. We mainly supply: - Straight Grade Flour - Chickpea Flour - Buckwheat Flour - Rye Flour - Wholemeal Flour - Organic Flour - Cornmeal - Semolina.

Spices : Spices have many different origins, and can come from bark such as cinnamon, flowers such as saffron or cloves, leaves like tea, fruit such as peppers and plants such as dill. During the Middle Ages and even in ancient times, spices only came from the Eastern countries, therefore they were considered luxury goods in the West. Our range of spices is one of the widest you can get: - Fine Salt, Coarse Salt, Celery Salt or Sea Salt - Black pepper, white, green, gray or steak - Paprika and Sweet Paprika - Cinnamon - Chili Pepper and Espelette - Fennel - Carry - Curry - Cumin - Cloves - Ginger - Saffron - Sesame seeds - 5 Spice mix - Tapioca - Tabasco.

Seasoning products : Some dishes are delightful thanks to the seasoning. We supply Seasoning Products of superior quality: - Pickles - Croutons - Green and Black Olives, pitted or whole - Capers.

Potato Chips : Potato Chips Chips are vegetable slices that are finely chopped, seasoned, and fried in oil. Crispy and delicious for some, crunchy and tasty for others. They are perfect to eat just before a meal, or at any time during the day. We supply many sorts of Chips for everyone: - Old style Chips, with mustard - Barbecue chips, Bolognese, chicken or kebab - Black Pepper, Chili Chips - Sea Salt Chips - Chips and Cheese - Vinegar Chips - Salty crackers, bacon, gouda or pizza - Doritos Tortilla,cheese or chili - Cheetos - Peanuts or Cheese Curly - Pretzel & Sticks - Salty or Fried Bacon - Original Pringles, onions, cheese, spicy or extreme chili - Salty Bacon and Paprika Tiles - 3D's Bugles, salty bacon, cheese or peanut.

Dry Fruit : We have stepped up our imagination to supply the most original appetizers. Browse our range of Fruit Bites, dried and dehydrated, with a fine crisp and unique flavor, such as: - Bananas - Almonds - Peanuts - Pineapple - Cashew - Sunflower seeds - Grilled Corn - Exotic Cocktail - Japanese Mix - Papaya - Pistachios - Raisins - Soft Fruits Mix

How to buy

Choose products according to your customers and the occasion.

how to keep

Keep your savoury in a cool dry place , away from sources of heat.


To restore crispness to your chips , place them a few minutes in a very hot oven . It gild them at the same time . We recommend using a maximum of two of seasoning products simultaneously. If you have a dish too salty on fire, drop it immediately peeled a potato , it will absorb the excess.




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